Day 1

January 14th, 2018,

To everybody that chooses to read I thank you. I have been inspired to write this blog with the hopes that it keeps motivated to achieve my goals. I know that mostly only friends and family may read this and that is my ideal audience because I know its you all that will hold me accountable and help me achieve my current goal.

Just recently I have been planning a trip to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina and potentially see Monte Picchu in Peru. This will be a journey which requires strength an stamina to achieve stunning views and personal  accomplishment. This is the ideal destination and I realize that personal lifestyle changes must accompany theses ambitions to have the dreams become a reality. I don’t plan to see the mountains and hills from the bottom but take stunning pictures from the top.

A friend of mine and myself are potentially thinking of a departure time of early September which will be the Chilean and Argentinean Spring season and thus for I have made it a  personal goal to train and to lose 100 pounds between now and our expected departure date.As this is a personal mission to me again I want to reiterate that one of the main purposes of me doing this is to have you all hold me accountable in hopes that I won’t give up. Furthermore, I will update my progress every Sunday from here until the departure.

I couldn’t me more excited for these challenges to come for this is a process were I have started before and although there were result I’ve always landed back on square one each time which makes clear to me that this is an attainable goal. This time with help of family and friends I will not let myself down and revert to old habits. I am extremely excited for my South American adventure but most importantly for the prospect to become a healthier more active person with the drive and personal responsibility to be better.

From here is where the true challenge begins and I will be uploading my progress every Sunday or Monday to Facebook or group texts. The one thing I can be sure of is that I will not let myself down.




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