Day 7

I am pleased to announce that after one week I have officially lost my first five pounds. The first week was defiantly a challenge and if anybody saw me at the grocery store it most likely wasn’t difficult to see a fish out of water but I managed through.

One of my major breakthroughs this week was until the weekend i totally cut out booze on the weekends and have been using the app Lose It to track everything I eat which consisted of lots of fish and vegetables.

As I have reflected on my journey ahead I often think of all the times I have tried to lose weight but have ultimately failed after recieveing positive results I have always returned to square one. The reason for the failure I think is that I was doing it just to do it. That is the reason why I have picked something way out in future to serve as a finish line. It just so happens I have picked one of the most beautiful places in the world. I also am well aware that if I don’t get in shape I will not be able to do what I want.

Today on January 21st, I did my first hike at Castlewood State Park a 3 mile hike and was quickly reminded that once you get the top there is instant gratification accompanied by great view that makes it all worth it. Albeit, there is still a lot of work to go to get in mountain shape you have to start at square one which is what I’m doing. My buddy and I already have a trip planned to Ha Ha Tonka State Park to keep at it.

I think after weeks of research I have my route officially picked out. I intend to fly into Santiago, Chile and spend one night there and then go down to Torres del Paine and spend five days there. After that I intend to go to Ushuaia which is the Southern most city in the world. This is the city where people often take the Drake Passage to go to Antarctica it also gives people not going as far South the opportunity to go to surrounding islands and visit penguins and again look at beautiful glaciers. After Ushuaia I plan to head back north to Buenos Aires and spend a night and the following day go to a place called Iguazu Falls which is the largest waterfall system in the world. This is a rough draft and times in areas may change but this is more than likely the route.

All in all this has been a difficult trip to plan because between Chile and Argentina they are each massive countries filled with many natural wonders that are mesmerizing. I also want to be challenged which I know it will be.

One week down 5 pounds lost good habits started and two training hikes done. I’ll check in next week.



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