March 20th


                            Bald Knob At Buford Mountain

I want to apologize for the absence of any post for the past month. It seems as though I just haven’t had that much to talk about other than all the same old stuff so it has slowed my writing down but that will change moving forward. For now on even its just a sentence or a paragraph discussing the weeks progress that is what it will be.

That being said it has been an extremely successful month with me going on some beautiful hikes, losing weight, and starting to go to the gym twice a week. I can already feel that I’m getting skinnier because some of my smaller clothes are starting to fit again. Over the past month my weight loss has been 25 pounds and I’m feeling great. Reasons for my successes have been simple, who would have thought that cutting drinking during the week, not as much fast food, and exercising would be the key.

Along with the successes in weight loss to I have also had the opportunity to add an unbelievable hike in Missouri called Buford Mountain near Ironton, Missouri which is the third highest peak in Missouri and offers stunning views of the Belleview Valley. This hike also is quite challenging it took me and my friend Brad 45 minutes just to do the first mile, which is a clear indicator that I’m still no where near ready for what I’m going to do in Patagonia. Along with Buford Mountain I’ve also done a plethora of hikes at Castlewood as well and have been lucky enough to have done them on slow days. The more hikes I’ve been on the more I’ve come to enjoy them. When I travel places I generally go with a friend but at Castlewood I generally go alone. On some days where the weather just bad enough to scare people away I have literally had the whole trail to myself and there’s nothing quite like the tranquility of being outside getting a good workout and having time of peace and self reflection of what I’ve been doing and what I’m going to do. Everyday I remained focused on my goal by dreaming and visualizing the utter beauty of South America and the challenge the will coincide with it.

1E71B6CB-244C-413B-A4B9-7C1B238BE81A  6e33160f-0ce5-48a4-a484-db426fe4ddef.jpg8344387b-47a0-457f-ad7a-2513547504c11.jpg

Castlewood                                       Buford Mountain

Our decided departure date has been decided as being November 16th we are flying from St. Louis to Miami to Santiago, Chile to Puerto Natales spend the night there and then travel to Torres Del Paine and we just about have our camp schedules booked as well with the KM’s hiked daily between 8KM-20KM daily over 8 days. For those of you wondering 1 Kilometer equals .62 miles and you are to check in at each campsite each night so its encouraging to know if you don’t show up there will be people looking for you promptly.

Finally, I have two final points one of which is a successful doctors visit where the doctor asked if I was “withering away”. About six months ago I had to get blood work done for insurance reasons and needless to say the results where less than ideal. although we didn’t do a total test everything we did check has gone done significantly and all my numbers where in good working order. I told him about my trip and he told me to keep up the good work and sustain it because in the big picture everything I do now will have significant impacts on the future. Lastly, I have debated with myself for sometime whether or not to reveal my starting weight and have elected to keep it concealed until the end of the journey so I can keep people interested. So again the current total of weight lost is 25 pounds since the beginning of this blog.3251346_orig

Thanks for reading!


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